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House rules

For your and our safety

In the regulation below you will find the most important house rules of Van der Valk Hotel Almere.

We kindly ask you to respect these rules.

General rules:

  1. In case of fire stay calm. Directly report the fire at our front desk and push the nearby fire detector.
  2. In case of a general fire alarm leave the building directly and do not use the elevators.
  3. At arrival it is obligatory to show a valid identification. Checking-in/staying in our hotel is possible for persons older than 18 years (if a person in the room is younger than 18 years, please contact our front desk in advance to check the possibilities and conditions).
  4. Security cameras are placed at several points in our hotel. Every individual that visits our hotel gives us permission for taping camera images. In case of calamity video tapes can be shown to others to be used as evidence or supporting material.
  5. Van der Valk Hotel Almere cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of your belongings.
  6. The direction, owner and staff of Hotel Almere cannot be held responsible for any harm or material and non-material damage that visitors of our hotel can encounter.
  7. Any orders from the staff of Hotel Almere regarding our regulation will have to be followed. Comments can be reported to our management.
  8. In case of calamity please follow the orders of our staff.

It is not allowed to:

  1. Use the elevator in case of fire.
  2. Take possessions of the hotel outside its perimeter. In case you intentionally damage possessions of Hotel Almere you can be held responsible for the costs.
  3. Use, possess or trade drugs in hotel and its surroundings (this also applies to cream patterns / nitrous oxide).
  4. Hinder the other guest of our hotel. Playing loud music or causing any other sort of sound pollution is not permitted.
  5. To occupy the room with more persons than the amount of persons reserved for.
  6. Smoke in the hotel rooms. In case we find out that you do smoke or have been smoking in the hotel room we are forced to charge you € 150,00, to cover our cleaning costs. In case the fire alarm is put into operation because of your smoking, we will charge you € 300,00 as call fee of the fire brigade.
  7. To use certain decorations such as confetti. You can ask our reception which decorations are allowed.
  8. Candles/incense are not permitted due to fire and safety regulations.
  9. Hire the room under your own name without staying in the room yourself.

In all the cases where this regulation does not apply, the direction of Van der Valk Hotel Almere will decide.